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Nutrition Counseling

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Eating a healthy diet is important for everyone, but especially so for seniors whose dietary needs change due to illness, surgery, or age. Nutrition counseling for seniors takes your changing body’s nutritional needs in mind and shows you how to update your diet to benefit your health the most. Nutritious meal planning is just one aspect of senior health and wellness that can keep seniors active and thriving throughout their golden years. 

At Baptist Retirement Community, we help our residents lead a healthy and active life that starts with a healthy meal plan. Our chefs will prepare your meals based on any dietary or medical restrictions you may have. Plus, we offer cooking demonstrations for residents who enjoy cooking for themselves. If you are considering moving to our independent senior living community, call 833.762.0756 today to speak with our staff about our nutrition counseling for seniors and other senior health and wellness programs.

Nutrition Advice for Seniors

As we age, our bodies begin to slow down, and many people do not realize that this includes your digestive system. The muscles in your stomach, colon, and esophagus will slow down as you age and can affect your digestion and lead to painful bowel movements, constipation, hemorrhoids, and other problems. 

Fortunately, just as eating an unhealthy diet can ruin your health, changing your diet to lean proteins and whole foods can significantly improve your health. Seniors will get all of the necessary vitamins and minerals they need while getting a boost to their energy levels and mood. 

Some essential nutrition advice for seniors is to follow a diet that includes:

  • A variety of proteins, healthy fats, and leafy green vegetables
  • Serving portion sizes that are appropriate for your weight
  • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  • Replacing salt with other spices and seasonings
  • Cutting back on sweets and sugary foods

At Baptist Retirement Community, we offer residents the option of cooking for themselves or joining other residents in enjoying nutritious and delicious three-course meals with classic favorites and seasonal specialties. Baptist Retirement Community is home to San Angelo’s favorite home-style restaurant, Main Street Cafe. 

Benefits of Nutrition Counseling at Baptist Retirement

Seniors who have dietary restrictions don’t have to settle for tasteless, bland food. Nutrition counseling at Baptist Retirement can teach you how to cook with different seasonings and spices that will improve the taste of your meals without hurting your digestion. Our chefs provide residents with three meals a day plus healthy snacks for seniors who cannot or do not like to cook. 

Just some of the benefits you can expect from nutrition counseling for seniors include:

  • Learning which foods have the most health benefits
  • Learning to cook healthy meals for yourself
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • A stronger immune system
  • Better sleeping habits
  • No heavy or sluggish feeling from eating too much

Baptist Retirement Community: Providing Nutrition Counseling for Seniors to Benefit Their Health and Wellbeing

At Baptist Retirement Community, we provide a full range of programs and services that greatly benefit our residents and enable them to lead a full and rewarding retirement. Residents can cook for themselves in private apartments or join other residents at our Main Street Cafe. 

Nutrition counseling for seniors is just one aspect of the many programs we offer, including:

  • A lifestyle coordinator and chaplain
  • Medical staff to assist with medication management and any other medical needs
  • Health and fitness experts to keep you active
  • Educational and creative classes
  • Culinary experts that prepare your meals and offer cooking demonstrations
  • Planned outings and activities 
  • Social events

Call 833.762.0756 today to schedule a tour of our independent senior living community and learn more about our nutrition counseling for seniors and other programs.