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Does My Parent Need Memory Care?

Man tries to show father how to use cell phone while wondering, "does my parent need memory care?"

We all experience some form of memory loss as we age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your parents will need a senior memory care program. If you are doing a Google search for ‘does my parent need memory care,’ you’ve likely noticed some cognitive issues in them that are affecting their quality of life. Memory care provides essential medical and therapeutic services for seniors who are living with dementia, suffer a stroke, or other neurological disorders.

At Baptist Retirement Community, we welcome San Angelo seniors who need round-the-clock care to slow their memory loss and improve their quality of life. Our senior memory care center takes a leading-edge approach to treating dementia symptoms and creating a familiar and relaxing environment to reduce stress and confusion. Seniors will enjoy a private suite that they can decorate to feel more at home.

Continue reading to see if your loved one needs a memory care program, then call 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour and meet our dedicated team.

What Is Senior Memory Care?

Memory care programs deliver specialized care for seniors in a secure residence with 24/7 support from professional nurses, therapists, medical professionals, and support staff. It provides seniors with a structured routine in a home-like environment where they will have access to a number of therapeutic and medical services.

This can include physical, speech, and occupational therapies, medication management, religious services, and plenty of mentally stimulating activities and social events. Each care plan is based on the individual’s symptoms and current cognitive capacities and can adapt as they age.

In addition to quality medical and therapeutic care, memory care programs also include:

  • Nutritious meal plans that consider medical and dietary restrictions
  • Assistance with daily living activities like bathing and dressing
  • Transportation services to doctor appointments
  • Lifestyle programming to create an enriching retirement

Does my parent need Alzheimer’s care? The team at Baptist Retirement Community will evaluate your parents’ symptoms to determine if they need a comprehensive senior memory care program. Our team works hard to create a supportive environment with structured routines to keep them mentally active.

Does My Parent Need Memory Care?

Does my loved one need memory care? Recognizing the signs that it’s time to enroll in a memory care program can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Many seniors will resist admitting they need help for fear of losing their independence and may try to hide their cognitive decline.

Fortunately, there are several tell-tale signs that indicate the need for additional care. Here are some of the common signs that answer the question, does my parent need memory care services:

  • A decline in personal hygiene – A common issue with seniors with dementia is remembering to shower and care for themselves on a regular basis. This can lead to foul body odor, bad breath, tooth decay, social isolation, and a host of other health problems.
  • Medication management – Senior adults will often have multiple prescriptions that they take daily to maintain their health. If they forget to take necessary medication, take the wrong pills, or forget to refill prescriptions on time, it can lead to a sudden decline in their health.
  • Wandering from home – Seniors with dementia can sometimes wander away from home and become lost. One report states that 50% of seniors with dementia who wander and get lost will suffer serious injury or death if not found within 24 hours.
  • Missing medical appointments – Seniors with dementia will sometimes forget about medical and PT appointments if they don’t write them down or have someone to remind them. This can be very detrimental to their health and cause further delays in receiving necessary care.
  • Losing interest in favorite activities – Another important sign that your parents need a memory care program includes a lack of social activity and enjoyment. They may have trouble doing a favorite activity and stop doing it out of frustration. This can increase the risks of depression, worsening memory loss and decline, and shorten their lifespan.

If you notice any of these symptoms with your parents, enrolling them in a memory care program is the best course of action. The program can slow their memory decline and provide them with an enriching environment that keeps them safe and healthy.

Find Comprehensive Senior Memory Care at Baptist Retirement Community

Baptist Retirement Community is a full-service senior living community that provides senior memory care services for San Angelo residents. Our memory care center specializes in treating all types of dementia and neurological disorders using the latest medications and therapeutic services. In addition to memory care, we also provide a number of senior services:

  • Independent and assisted living programs
  • Short and long-term rehabilitation
  • Respite care
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Medication management

Each resident receives a personalized care plan based on their unique needs and preferences. Our team strives to create a homelike environment that encourages social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical activity.

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Fill out our online form or call 325.313.7931 today to begin a conversation about your parent’s future. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our senior memory care program or schedule a tour of our beautiful campus. Let Baptist Retirement Community help your loved one thrive in their golden years with compassionate and dedicated senior care.