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How Much Does Memory Care Cost in Texas?

Woman holds hands with senior mom as they discuss the cost of memory care in Texas

The cost of memory care in Texas can vary depending on the center and the type of care and amenities they offer. Financially, Texas is a great place to retire. The price of memory care in TX is lower than the national average, thanks to a lower cost of living and zero taxes on social security benefits and other types of retirement income.1

Baptist Retirement Community welcomes seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia and neurological disorders who can benefit from our memory care services. Our memory care programs are designed to slow mental decline and restore or improve any abilities affected by the illness. We have a full-time team of healthcare professionals with specialized training in caring for patients with all types of dementia, including Lewy Body, frontotemporal, and vascular dementia.

To learn more about our senior memory care programs, call 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour and meet our dedicated team.

Is Senior Memory Care Worth the Cost?

Senior memory care is an essential service for senior adults who live with dementia or other neurological disorders. At some point, there will be a time when at-home care is not enough, and their quality of life will decline due to lack of care.

A full-service senior living community like Baptist Retirement Community provides residents with a number of medical, therapeutic, and personal services in a secure area. Texas memory costs cover a wide range of services:

  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy
  • Assistance with daily living activities
  • 24/7 support from professional RNs, therapists, and medical professionals
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Nutritious meal plans that consider dietary and medical restrictions
  • Exercise and wellness programs
  • Religious services
  • Transportation services
  • Daily activities that can stimulate the mind
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor areas for relaxing and socializing

Paying for memory care service costs is a big concern for seniors and their families. If you own a home, the profits from the sale may cover a large portion of senior memory care. Other ways to pay include social security benefits, 401k, IRAs, personal savings, Medicare and private life insurance policies, and state and federal programs.

The Crest at Baptist Retirement Community specializes in dementia care for senior adults who are looking for quality senior memory care services. While touring the community, we will discuss the cost of memory care in Texas and the types of services and amenities that are covered. We make TX memory care cost more affordable by working with each senior and family to create a customized care plan that meets their needs and budget.

The Cost of Memory Care in Texas

The price of memory care in Texas is typically lower than the national average, making it one of the cheaper states to retire to. Prices can vary depending on the city, the type of center, the types of personal services and amenities, and medical and therapeutic services.

The total amount for Texas memory care costs will depend on each person’s current health and the severity of their symptoms. The average stay in a memory care center is between two and three years but can go on for much longer if necessary. Seniors with dementia who are high-functioning can still enjoy a long, fulfilling retirement with the type of care memory care services deliver.

Call Baptist Retirement Community to Learn About the Cost of Memory Care in Texas

At Baptist Retirement Community, our memory care services help seniors slow the progression of dementia and regain some of their independence. Our community supports high-functioning seniors and those who need round-the-clock care with private suites and a long list of medical and personal services and amenities at an affordable price.

For more information on paying for memory care service costs, reach out online or call 325.313.7931 today to speak with our financial team.

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