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Should My Spouse Be Put in Memory Care?

Senior man puts his hand around his wife, who he is considering putting in spousal memory care

Dementia is a progressive neurological illness that affects men and women differently, with women twice as likely to suffer from dementia than men. If one partner begins showing declining symptoms of dementia, spousal memory care allows couples to live within the same community while their partner gets the care they need. Many facilities work with couples so their spouse is always with them, knowing that being together helps with their recovery.

Baptist Retirement Community offers independent, assisted, and memory care facilities for couples with different health needs. We do everything we can to keep couples close while they get the necessary care and attention to slow the progression of their symptoms. Our memory care facilities offer private rooms in a secure facility with a full-time staff of RNs, therapists, and medical technicians to care for your spouse. CallĀ 325.313.7931 or fill out our online assessment tool today to talk with our team about our senior memory care services.

What Is Spousal Memory Care?

In the early stages of dementia, it is common for their partner’s care to fall into their spouse’s hands. It can take several years for symptoms to develop to the point where they need full-time care from professional caregivers. During that time, spouses will need to make sure their partners are getting enough physical exercise along with participating in plenty of mentally stimulating activities and games. This can include:

  • Signing up for cooking or painting classes together
  • Sharing a weekly game night with your friends
  • Using memory games to help your partner retain and sharpen their mental skills

Even the smallest of interactions can help the person with dementia, as it can reduce their anxiety and depression. Talk with your children about their symptoms and the importance of visiting regularly. You will also need to ensure they are taking the correct medication, especially if they are on multiple prescriptions, and manage refills and check if new medications don’t mix well with their current prescriptions.

A memory care program for souses will include them in their daily care while professional RNs and therapists take over in treating their symptoms. They can slow the progression of the illness and help restore some memories and lost functions. At Baptist Retirement Community, we offer memory care programs for spouses so you can be close to your partner while they get the care they need. We have several floorplans to choose from with independent and assisted living options, along with plenty of services and amenities in a friendly community.

The Benefits of a Memory Care Treatment Program for Your Spouse

Being close to your spouse while they are in a memory care facility is important for their well-being as well as yours. The psychological benefits of being close to your loved one are very beneficial to their recovery and everyone’s overall well-being. Some of the additional benefits of a memory care treatment program include:

Medication Management

Most seniors take multiple prescriptions to enhance their lives and live healthier and more comfortably. Those living with dementia can forget to take important medications, take the wrong pills or amount, or forget to refill the prescription on time. A medication management program will take care of their medicinal needs. They will administer medications at the right times, order refills as needed, and make sure new medications mix well with their current prescriptions.

A Structured Environment

Having a structured routine is very important for seniors with dementia. This can eliminate any confusion or frustrations that can happen when they become confused or forgetful. Treatment programs include a structured program with set times for therapy, meals, socializing, and other mentally stimulating activities that their spouses can participate in.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Dementia affects each person in unique ways, and no two cases are ever the same. Treatment plans are customizable to your spouse’s unique symptoms and will include speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions to aid in their recovery.

A memory care program for spouses can help keep couples close together while their partner gets the care and attention they need. This program can improve the overall well-being of husband and wife along with their children, grandchildren, and other relatives.

Baptist Retirement Community: Spousal Memory Care Services

Baptist Retirement Community is a full-service retirement community with a wide range of residences for seniors of all activity levels. Couples can stay close to each other while being looked after by a full-time staff of dedicated professionals. To discover all of the benefits of our senior living community, contact us at 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour and meet our friendly team.