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What Are Common Reasons for Admission Into a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Skill nurse helps resident walk, one of the reasons term skilled nursing matters

There are several reasons for long-term skilled nursing care for seniors. This is most helpful for people who need round-the-clock care to maintain their quality of life during their sunset years. Long-term skilled nursing care supports seniors who need assistance with ADLs, suffer a sudden debilitating change to their health, or are at an age where they need 24/7 support. Each person is unique in the care they need, and programs are designed around their individual symptoms and conditions.

Baptist Retirement Community is a full-service senior living community with a wide range of services to support active seniors and those who need full-time care. Our community features comfortable homes and apartments where seniors can enjoy their retirement surrounded by friends and a full-time team who dedicate themselves to improving their quality of life. To learn more about our skilled nursing facility for seniors, complete our online assessment form or call 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour and meet our friendly team.

What Is Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care?

Long-term skilled nursing care provides assistance for seniors whose health requires more attention as they age. Even seniors who do not experience a sudden change in their health due to an accident or neurological illness will eventually need daily support to maintain a certain quality of life. When that time comes, you will want to be surrounded by a team of professionals who can care for all types of physical and mental health issues that are common with aging.

One of the most common reasons for long-term skilled nursing care includes activities of daily living or ADLs. This can include assistance with the following:

  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Going to the bathroom
  • Showering
  • Assistance with medication

Skilled nursing care for seniors is for those who have a history of medical conditions or do not have a regular exercise routine or eat a proper diet. It is also for seniors over the age of 80, as this is when most seniors begin to need round-the-clock care.

Baptist Retirement Community provides seniors with the best care for their needs, no matter their age or medical condition. Our community provides a safe and comfortable space where they will receive quality care while being close to friends and social activities.

Other Common Reasons for Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care

There are many reasons why seniors should enroll in a skilled nursing care facility. It provides them with a safe space where there is less risk of injuring themselves and prevents any potential mistakes in their care. Some of the common conditions that require skilled nursing care for seniors include:

  1. Suffering a major stroke or other neurological events – Experiencing a stroke, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease is the biggest reason seniors need long-term care. They work with speech and occupational therapists to restore some, if not all, of their functionality and learn new ways of communicating if they are unable to speak normally.
  2. They are no longer able to care for themselves – A poor diet and lack of personal hygiene can significantly worsen seniors’ quality of life and overall health. A long-term skilled nursing program can greatly improve seniors’ overall well-being if they need help with daily living activities like cooking, cleaning, and getting to the bathroom on time.
  3. Living at home alone is worsening their mental health – Isolation is a major problem for seniors who are living alone. It can lead to depression and loneliness and greatly decrease their desire to live. Skilled nursing programs allow seniors to be close to friends and their peers and often include socializing activities that can improve their overall well-being.

These are just a few reasons for long-term skilled nursing care for seniors who need more assistance as they age. One key benefit of this program is that it can adapt as their health improves or worsens without having to move into a different facility.

Join Our Skilled Nursing Facility for Seniors at Baptist Retirement Community

We offer long-term skilled nursing care for seniors who need more attention than at-home caregivers or family members can provide. Our community features private and semi-private rooms where seniors will get the care they need from an experienced team with 24/7 support. They will also have the opportunity to socialize with other seniors in a secure environment to prevent wandering or getting lost.

To learn more about our skilled-nursing facility and all it can do for you or your elderly parents, contact Baptist Retirement Community at 325.313.7931 today to speak with our compassionate team.