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What Are the Benefits of Independent Senior Living?

Senior smiles after discovering the many benefits of independent living services

As a senior, your independence is as important to you now as it was 10, 20, or 50 years ago. Just because you are a little older doesn’t mean you want to stop living a rich, fulfilling life of joy and meaning. For increasing numbers of the senior population of the United States, an independent senior living center must meet a range of needs—including support in areas of need and continued autonomy. If you’re looking for independent senior living services, consider Baptist Retirement Community. We would love to tell you about the many benefits of independent living services. 

Baptist Retirement Community is an option for people all across the spectrum, from those seniors needing memory care to others who need assisted living and still others who want an independent living option. Given its luxury setting and wide range of amenities and activities, Baptist Retirement Community may be perfect for your independent living needs.  Call us at 325.313.7931 today to learn more about the many benefits of independent living for seniors.

Benefits of Independent Senior Living Services

What are the benefits of independent senior living? Why do people choose to sell their house and pull up stakes to live in an independent senior living community? Independent senior living offers numerous perks to people of a certain age. No matter whether you’re married, single, divorced, or widowed, perhaps you are ready to leave some of the hassles of homeownership and the solo lifestyle behind. Consider the following benefits of independent senior living services:

Financial Simplicity 

Consider the one-rent-covers-all model of independent senior living. Gone will be the fistful of bills that must be paid every month. Now your all-inclusive payment will cover everything, including rent, meals, heat, electricity, and even house cleaning in some cases. Many seniors happily give up their cars in favor of the facility’s transport options, saving yet another monthly bill. Not only will you have fewer payments to make, but your costs are also likely to go way down.

Freedom from Homeowner Worries 

You won’t have to cut the grass, hire an electrician, worry about how long before the roof will need replacing, or any of the other headaches of homeownership. Any repairs in your apartment, within the facility, or on the grounds will be taken care of by the staff at no additional cost to you.

Cooking, Optional 

Not only can you choose to prepare your own meals in your own kitchen, but you can also choose to have meals brought to you, or you can dine in a communal setting with friends and neighbors. Nutritionists and chefs experienced with the dietary and nutrition needs of seniors are on hand to ensure that however you choose to eat your meals, you will stay healthy.

Enrichment Opportunities 

When you live in an independent senior living community, you don’t have to look far or try too hard to find a range of community-based activities that you may love. When you’ve had enough of privacy and quiet, you can find something on the daily schedule that piques your interest. To keep your mind and body healthy and refreshed, there are many classes, clubs, outings, discussion groups, performances, and more.

Community and Socialization 

Isolation and loneliness are serious risks for seniors who live on their own. Even married couples who find getting together with friends harder and struggle to find stimulating activities during the day can suffer as a result of this loss of interaction. In an independent senior living community, you will meet and live among others your own age. You are likely to find people you click with, and you’ll have the time and flexibility to enjoy those connections.

The Buckner Difference: Independent Living at Baptist Retirement Community

All the Buckner facilities in Texas are founded on a set of principles that speak volumes about what life at Baptist Retirement Community is all about.  

  • Connection – there is always a friend to talk to
  • Independence – you have the autonomy to make your own choices
  • Purpose – you will pursue your life’s purpose in a supportive setting
  • Service – the staff is there to support you every day
  • Security – you are in good hands as we do all the contingency planning while you stay safe

When you discover the services provided in independent senior living at a Buckner facility, you’ll realize they align with our core principles as well as our goal to make your retirement years the best they can be.

Call Baptist Retirement Community to Discover the Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

Reach out today to learn more about what we offer in our independent senior living community. We are ready to answer your questions and get you started on the next and best chapter of your life.

Give us a call at 325.313.7931 to schedule a visit or talk to a staff member. You can also reach us by filling out our online contact form. Either way, take that first step and see what awaits.