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What Do Most Assisted Living Facilities Provide?

Seniors play cards, one of the activities that most assisted living facilities provide

Seniors can benefit from assisted living facility programs that cater to those who need daily care and attention to maintain their quality of life. These programs help them get through their day comfortably while encouraging them to socialize with seniors, exercise, and participate in group activities and events. A senior assisted living program offers several different programs and services that meet the needs of senior adults who need daily assistance.

At Baptist Retirement Community, our community provides private rooms, homes, and apartments for you to enjoy your retirement and make the most out of your golden years. Our assisted living facility caters to seniors who need help with daily living activities, medication reminders, physical and occupational therapy, housekeeping and laundry, and other tasks. To learn more about our senior assisted living program, fill out our online assessment form or call 325.313.7931 today to speak with one of our caring team members.

When Is it Time for Assisted Living?

An assisted living program for seniors focuses on their individual needs so they can enjoy their retirement in comfort and safety. As we age, it is natural to lose some cognitive and physical abilities. Fortunately, we have learned that there are several ways that seniors can reduce the common signs of aging and live a fulfilling retirement.

An assisted living program is for seniors who struggle to care for themselves and are at a high risk of further harm by doing simple tasks such as housekeeping, laundry, or other duties. If you are concerned for your parent’s health and well-being as they age, here are some of the common signs that it is time to enroll in an assisted living facility:

  • Experiencing balance issues
  • Forgetting to take medication
  • They are unable to continue to care for their home
  • They are living alone and don’t get enough social time
  • Are unable to drive to appointments or visit with friends and family
  • They struggle with depression due to isolation and loneliness

At Baptist Retirement Community, we offer a wide range of amenities and services in our assisted living programs for seniors. We take the time to get to know each of our residents so we can create a tailored treatment plan based on their unique symptoms and level of activity.

Common Types of Assisted Living Facility Programs

An assisted living program for seniors increases the chance of experiencing a fulfilling retirement in a safe environment surrounded by their friends, peers, and professional medical support. The common types of services in assisted living include:

  • Daily living activities – One of the biggest benefits of assisted living is assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, taking medication, and other daily tasks. This can make it easier for seniors to get out and spend time with friends, exercise, and keep their minds active.
  • Memory Care – Seniors with dementia or other cognitive issues need specialized care to reduce further decline. Therapists work with seniors in a secure and comfortable community to improve their cognitive function, relearn basic tasks, and provide a structured routine to improve their quality of life.
  • Transportation services – Another beneficial assisted living program is transportation services to medical appointments, senior centers, parks, and other locations. This can greatly reduce the potential of car accidents and serious injury due to poor vision or slowed reaction times.
  • Nutritious meal plans – Eating healthy meals is essential for the physical and mental health of seniors. An assisted living facility provides well-balanced meals and snacks for seniors from professional chefs and culinary experts. Plus, they can base meal plans on any medical conditions or restrictions while still tasting great.

These are just a few of the assisted living facility programs that are included in an assisted living community. When touring a facility, bring along a list of questions and medical requirements to ensure they can provide you with the best environment for your retirement.

Choose Baptist Retirement Community for Our Senior Assisted Living Program

Baptist Retirement Community is a full-service senior living community located in San Angelo, TX. Our assisted living facility programs include a full-time staff of registered nurses and therapists, religious services, and much more. We offer private rooms for our residents so they can enjoy their freedom while still being close to medical support and socializing opportunities. If you are thinking about moving into an assisted living facility, contact us at 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour and meet with our friendly staff.