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What Is Senior Speech Therapy?

Senior smiles on couch after learning what senior speech therapy is

What is senior speech therapy? It is a type of therapy that aids seniors who have difficulty speaking or swallowing due to a stroke, head injury, or other neurological complications. This program is essential for seniors with weakened or damaged vocal cords and helps them find better ways to eat and speak. Speech therapy can greatly improve a senior’s ability to interact with others and make the most out of their golden years.

Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo is available for seniors of all activity levels who are ready to spend their retirement in a safe community that promotes a healthy retirement. Seniors who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia or are recovering from a stroke can benefit from our speech therapy services and other therapeutic programs. We have two facilities dedicated to memory care that offer round-the-clock care from a professional team of RNs, therapists, and support staff. To see if our senior speech therapy program is right for you or your loved ones, call 325.313.7931 today to speak with our compassionate team.  We are here to explain what speed therapy for seniors is and how it works.

What Is Senior Speech Therapy?

What is speech therapy? It is a beneficial type of therapy that assists seniors who have dementia, suffered a stroke, a head injury, or other types of neurological illness. Experienced therapists work closely with senior adults to understand their speech impediments and form a treatment plan that addresses all complications due to their condition. If they are unable to talk at all, therapists will find alternative forms of communication using sign language or electronic devices.

Seniors can also develop problems eating and drinking due to weakened or shrunken muscles in their jaw and mouth caused by aging or other disorders.  The muscles that allow you to eat without choking can shrink with age, making it more difficult to swallow without choking. Therapists will work with each senior to teach them new ways of eating and drinking that can prevent choking accidents and prevent weight loss and malnutrition.

At Baptist Retirement Community, we welcome seniors from all walks of life who need help regaining some lost functions due to a number of issues. While meeting with our staff, we will go over any questions you have about the program, including what is speech therapy for seniors and what other services we offer.

The Benefits of Speech Therapy

There are many benefits of enrolling in a senior speech therapy program. It can give seniors the confidence and ability to speak clearly and enjoy spending their retirement socializing with friends and family. Here are just a few of the benefits of enrolling in a senior speech therapy program:

  • Strengthens weakened vocal cords and reduces hoarseness and fatigue while speaking.
  • Finds new ways for seniors to communicate if they have lost some or all of their ability to speak.
  • It can potentially improve memory retention for seniors with dementia or other types of neurological disorders.
  • Decreases symptoms of aphasia and dysarthria caused by a stroke or head injury.
  • Prevents weight loss due to not being able to eat properly.
  • Improves overall well-being and ability to interact with others socially.

Enrolling in a speech therapy program can significantly improve seniors’ ability to communicate with others and make the most out of their retirement. Programs are tailored to each senior’s unique symptoms and can include medication management and other types of therapies and treatments.

Find Effective Senior Speech Therapy at Baptist Retirement Community

What is senior speech therapy, and how can it benefit you or your elderly parents? At Baptist Retirement Community, we work with seniors with dementia or other neurological disorders who have trouble speaking, swallowing, or difficulty moving around. We are a full-service senior living community with independent and assisted living facilities, an on-site restaurant, full-time clergy, and daily activities and social events. Our community is the perfect place for your parents to enjoy their golden years and give you and your family peace of mind knowing they are well cared for.

Learn more about what senior speech therapy is by contacting us at 325.313.7931. Our senior services can make all the difference.