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Where Can I Find Respite Care in San Angelo, TX?

Woman educates group of seniors about respite care in San Angelo, TX

San Angelo is a small town in central Texas that is home to the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, which is the largest rodeo in the country. It is also a great place for fishing and boating, with three nearby lakes. Senior adults and their caregivers can find respite care in San Angelo, TX, when the caregiver needs time off for personal reasons. This program provides senior care at a facility that supports seniors with any medical or therapeutic services that they need to maintain their health and quality of life.

San Angelo respite care services are available for senior adults at Baptist Retirement Community. Our senior living community gives seniors a comfortable and secure location where they will receive quality care for a few hours, days, or weeks. We work directly with senior adults and their caregivers to ensure they get the care and attention they need based on their current health. In addition to respite care, seniors can enjoy a number of social activities and personal amenities to make their stay with us more rewarding and fulfilling. Discover the benefits of our San Angelo, TX, respite care services by calling 325.313.7931 to schedule a tour and discuss our senior care options.

Finding Respite Care in San Angelo, TX

 At-home caregivers take care of a number of essential services, from medication administration and wound care to providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. They can also be there to keep seniors company and interact with them for a few hours a day. When caregivers need to take time off, their patients still need to be cared for.

Respite care services provide professional medical and therapeutic services for seniors who need daily care at home or in a senior living community. This service allows caregivers to take care of personal responsibilities, go on vacation, or care for their mental health to prevent caregiver burnout.

Caregiver burnout is a real concern for many professional and family caregivers. Full-time caregivers can experience depression, anxiety, and other burnout symptoms each year. Respite care services allow caregivers to take time off when needed while continuing to provide professional care.

Baptist Retirement Community is a full-service senior living community that delivers respite care in Texas for seniors who need daily care and attention. This program includes medical and therapeutic services, as well as a number of personal services and amenities to make their stay with us more enjoyable. Respite care is a great way for seniors to see what senior living is like at our facility.

What to Expect from a Texas Respite Care Program

Respite care for seniors is different for each person. Seniors can participate in respite care for a few hours a day to several days in a row, depending on how much time off their regular caregiver needs.

Here is what you can expect from respite care in San Angelo, TX:

  1. Administrative staff will discuss your care program with you and your caregiver to ensure you continue to receive quality care for as long as necessary. Some seniors visit for a few hours a day each week on a regular basis.
  1. Medical staff will monitor vitals and provide wound care and additional medical services as needed. This can include medication administration and monitoring for any potential side effects from new medicines.
  1. Respite care provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to restore lost functions and slow the progression of neurological disorders. Each program is tailored to the individual and may include a mix of therapies.
  1. Seniors can enjoy healthy meals and snacks from a culinary team that delivers a wide variety of healthy foods. All meal plans take into account any dietary, medical, or religious restrictions.
  1. Seniors will also have access to the community’s personal services and amenities, social events, and other services that they provide. Common amenities include on-site beauty and hair salon, open-air courtyards in a secure location, and aily activities designed to keep seniors active and socializing with other residents.

A San Angelo respite care program gives seniors a safe space to continue receiving quality care while their caregiver takes time off. This program is a great way for seniors to spend time with other seniors in a secure and comfortable community while receiving quality care.

Join Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo, TX, for Our Respite Care Services

Baptist Retirement Community is located just off the 177 highway and the North Main Street exit. Our facility is perfect for active seniors and for those who need extra care to make the most out of their retirement. In addition to our respite care services, we also provide our residents with:

  • Independent and assisted living communities
  • Memory care services
  • Short and long-term rehabilitation services
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Medication management

If you are interested in taking a tour and discussing our respite care services, reach out today.

Call Baptist Retirement Community Now

If you or a loved one needs respite care in San Angelo, TX, Baptist Retirement Community is here to help. Contact us today at 325.313.7931 or reach out online to learn more about our senior living options and how we can support you and your family.