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Where Can I Find Short-Term Senior Rehabilitation in San Angelo, TX?

Senior couple hugs one another as they short-term senior rehab in Angelo, TX

When seniors suffer an injury or are recovering from surgery, they often require extra care and assistance. Short-term senior rehabilitation in TX is an excellent option for those who need specialized care and support in a comfortable environment. During the rehabilitation process, seniors may face challenges such as limited mobility, pain management, and cognitive or speech difficulties. Trained professionals provide personalized treatment plans to address these challenges and help seniors regain their independence. Baptist Retirement Community’s short-term senior rehab in San Angelo, TX, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled staff to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services. 

Contact us today at 325.313.7931 to discover our TX senior rehabilitation. Our San Angelo, TX senior rehabilitation is designed to improve lives.  

What Is Short-Term Senior Rehabilitation? 

Short-term senior rehabilitation is a specialized service designed to help older adults recover from surgery, illness, or injury. It involves an interdisciplinary approach that includes: 

  • Physical therapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Medication management 

The primary goal is to aid seniors in regaining their strength, mobility, and independence, enabling them to return home safely and swiftly.  

Who Can Benefit from Short-Term Senior Rehabilitation?  

Short-term senior rehabilitation is ideal for older adults who have experienced an acute event or illness that has impaired their daily functioning. This could include seniors who have undergone surgery, suffered a stroke, or been hospitalized due to an injury or illness. It can also benefit those who are at risk of developing other health issues due to limited mobility or prolonged hospital stays. 

How Does Short-Term Senior Rehabilitation Work? 

Upon admission to a rehabilitation facility, seniors undergo an assessment to determine their individual needs and goals. Based on this evaluation, a personalized treatment plan is created, which may include: 

  • Physical therapy exercises to improve strength, balance, and mobility 
  • Occupational therapy activities to help with daily tasks such as dressing, cooking, and grooming 
  • Speech therapy for communication and swallowing difficulties 
  • Medication management to ensure proper dosage and usage of medications 

The rehabilitation team works closely with the seniors to monitor their progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed. The length of stay in a short-term senior rehabilitation facility can vary depending on the individual’s needs and progress. 

Our Short-Term Senior Rehabilitation in San Angelo, TX 

Baptist Retirement Community, located in the heart of San Angelo, Texas, offers a comprehensive short-term senior rehabilitation program. Operated by Buckner Retirement Services, we are committed to helping seniors regain their health and independence after a hospital stay. 

Our team of licensed nurse clinicians provides individualized care plans based on each resident’s unique needs and recovery goals. We offer a range of therapies, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, coupled with effective medication management. 

Benefits of TX Short-Term Rehab 

Choosing short-term senior rehab at Baptist Retirement Community in San Angelo, TX, comes with numerous benefits. Our dedicated clinical team works round the clock to ensure residents receive the highest quality of care. 

We understand that recovery extends beyond physical well-being. Therefore, we offer a variety of recreational and educational programs to keep our residents engaged and stimulated. From group outings to arts and crafts, our residents have access to many enriching experiences. 

Nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery. At Baptist Retirement Community, we provide nutrition education and counseling along with healthy snacks and dining services. Our residents can also enjoy our spa and library facilities during their stay. 

Our community is pet-friendly, and we offer housekeeping services and transportation, ensuring a comfortable and convenient living environment. 

Call Baptist Retirement Community’s Short-Term Rehabilitation in TX Now 

If you or your loved one is seeking short-term senior rehab in San Angelo, TX, look no further than Baptist Retirement Community. Our dedicated team, exceptional services, and warm, welcoming environment make us a leading provider of short-term rehabilitation in Texas. Contact us at 325.313.7931 to learn more about our San Angelo short-term rehabilitation.