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Why Independent Living Is Important for Seniors?

Seniors sitting outside in backyard, enjoying independent living

Many seniors feel that they will lose their freedom and independence if they move into a senior living community. Today, senior communities offer senior independent living for those who are still healthy and active and want to be close to their friends and other seniors. They will have the freedom to live their lives and participate in organized events and social activities with other seniors. Senior independent living gives them the freedom they want with medical and therapeutic support as their needs change.

At Baptist Retirement Community, we provide independent living for seniors looking to move into a supportive community to enjoy their golden years. We have spacious homes and apartments with various floorplans to choose from, a complete list of services from nutritious meals to religious services, and a full-time medical staff. If you are considering moving into a senior independent living community, call 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour and see how we can benefit your retirement.

When Is it Time for Senior Independent Living?

Deciding to move out of your home and into a senior living community can bring up complicated feelings. Yet, several benefits can improve your quality of life and reduce household chores and responsibilities. Your retirement years are meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and a senior independent living program can make that happen. Plus, if you move into the right community, you will have access to medical care and facilities as your needs change.

Moving into an independent senior community can reduce some of your monthly living costs. By selling your home and downsizing, you no longer have to pay HOA fees, landscaping bills, home insurance, and housekeeping costs. You will drive less and save on gas as you will have access to social events and planned activities provided to you within the community. Plus, many communities have on-site restaurants, and nutritious meal plans to lower food costs.

At Baptist Retirement Community, our senior independent living program gives you the freedom you want, with plenty of social events and activities to enhance your retirement. We provide several programs to meet any medical and therapeutic needs you have today and in the future.

The Importance of Independent Living for Seniors

No one wants to rely on someone for their care as they get older, but it is a fact of life. Seniors who are independent today can still enjoy their freedom while living in a retirement community. They will be close to medical care in case of emergencies or as their health begins to decline.

Why is independent living for seniors so important?

  • Access to social events – Isolation and loneliness are significant concerns for seniors living alone. It can lead to depression and quicken some of the effects of aging. Moving into a senior community gives seniors the opportunity to socialize with other seniors when they feel like it. Some common activities they will find include arts & crafts, book clubs, music lessons, and dance parties.
  • Peace of mind for families – Families can relax knowing their parents are in a community that can care for their needs without having to move somewhere else if the level of care changes. Today’s senior living communities have programs and services that are built around each person’s individual needs and can be updated over time.
  • Access to quality medical care – Many facilities offer short and long-term rehabilitation care on-site, along with memory care and skilled nursing care to cope with any medical needs as you age.
  • Health and wellness – To improve quality of life and help seniors make the most out of their retirement, many independent living communities include health and wellness programs to improve their overall well-being. These programs can help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, decrease the risks of falls, and suppress many of the common age-related illnesses that affect seniors.

Why choose senior independent living versus staying home alone? Retirement communities give seniors a better chance at living the retirement of their dreams with close access to the care and support they will eventually need.

Baptist Retirement Community Offers Senior Independent Living

Baptist Retirement Community is part of the Buckner Retirement Services with facilities throughout the great state of Texas. Our luxury community in San Angelo provides senior independent living with spacious homes and apartments and a long list of amenities that include:

  • Recreational and educational programs
  • Nutrition classes and meal plans
  • Healthy snacks and dining services
  • A fully-stocked library
  • Housekeeping services
  • Transportation services

Please pick up the phone and contact us at 325.313.7931 today to tour our welcoming community and begin living out your retirement in peace and comfort.