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What Is a Senior Medication Management Program?

Senior holds hands with health professional while asking, "what is senior medication management?"

What is senior medication management, and how can it benefit your health and well-being? This program helps seniors manage their medications to prevent dosing mistakes, missing refill dates, or taking a new medication that negatively interacts with their other prescriptions. There is a lot to manage when it comes to taking multiple medications, and a single mistake can cause serious health complications.   

At Baptist Retirement Community, we welcome seniors of all activity levels to our full-service senior living community. In addition to our medication management program, we also provide memory care services, short and long-term rehabilitation programs, long-term skilled nursing care, and respite care services. We cater to each resident’s unique medical and therapeutic needs while offering amazing amenities and services from a dedicated team of professionals. Learn more about our senior medication management program and other services by calling 325.313.7931 today to speak with one of our staff members. 

What Is Senior Medication Management? 

The number of seniors on one or more prescriptions gradually increases as they age and their health declines. When the number of pills increases, it can be difficult to keep things straight, especially when their ability to think clearly begins to fade. A senior medication management program takes this worry out of your hands and into those of a professional care team.  

If you are unsure if this program can benefit you or your parents, look for the following signs that indicate they are having trouble managing their medications: 

  • Forgetting to refill necessary medications on time
  • They are unable to drive safely to pick up prescriptions
  • Failing to take pills at specific times 
  • They experience worsening health due to incorrect dosage or forgetting to take them altogether 
  • New medications cause serious side effects or medical emergencies 

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to consider moving into a senior living community where they can take care of their medical needs in a comfortable environment. Baptist Retirement Community provides a number of medical and therapeutic services for our part and full-time residents. During a tour, we will discuss your medical needs and any questions you have, such as what is medication management for seniors and any other questions you have. 

 The Benefits of a Medication Management Program 

Managing multiple prescriptions will become a necessity for most seniors at some point in their lives. The more medications you take, the higher the risk becomes in making mistakes that can negatively impact your health. Enrolling in a medication management program greatly reduces this risk and comes with other benefits for seniors and their families: 

  • Fewer risks of negative side effects and prescription errors –  This program eliminates the risk of adverse drug reactions when new prescriptions are introduced. Medical staff will check for negative reactions to your current list of prescriptions and work with your doctor for alternative medications.  
  • A healthier retirement – Seniors who are on a medication management program are less likely to miss taking medicine, take the wrong dose, or at the wrong time. The more consistent they are with their prescriptions, the fewer chances of having bad health days due to mismanaging prescriptions. 
  • Peace of mind for families – Knowing your parents are in the best place for their health can be a huge stress reliever. They will have medical professionals taking care of their medications and ensuring they take them on time and in the correct dosage.  

Medication management for seniors is an essential program for seniors who are taking multiple medications and have trouble remembering to take them or refill empty prescriptions. Some medications need to be taken daily to be effective, and missing a day or more can result in serious complications.  

Baptist Retirement Community: Medication Management for Seniors 

What is a senior medication management program, and how can it benefit your retirement? At Baptist Retirement Community, our medical professionals will take over managing your medications to ensure you take them on time and in the correct dosages. We have independent and assisted living programs along with a lot of amazing amenities and services that create a fulfilling and socially active retirement.  

Schedule a tour of our senior living community today by contacting us at 325.313.7931 to speak with our dedicated team.