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Why Do Seniors Need Speech Therapy?

Senior asks doctor why seniors need speech therapy

As we age, our muscles begin to weaken and stop working as well as they should. This includes the muscles in your throat that deal with speaking and swallowing. Nearly three out of ten senior adults will experience problems with swallowing, speaking, and eating in their lifetime. Why do seniors need speech therapy? Speech therapy can strengthen weakened vocal cords, improve speech, and potentially slow the progress of dementia. It is a necessary service for seniors who experience a stroke or other neurological disease.

Baptist Retirement Community is a full–service senior living community that welcomes seniors who need extra assistance in staying healthy and active. Our community features private suites in a secure community with medical, therapeutic, and personal services to give seniors a fulfilling retirement. Our residents enjoy all of the comforts of home while having access to quality medical and therapeutic care. Pick up the phone and call 325.313.7931 today to learn more about our senior speech therapy services and discover what life is like in our senior living community.

Why Do Seniors Need Speech Therapy?

Why do seniors need speech therapy? Speech therapy for seniors is essential for many senior adults as they age and their muscles begin to weaken. Problems with swallowing and speaking clearly can develop slowly or come on suddenly if they experience a head injury, stroke, or other neurological illness like Parkinson’s disease. The best way to treat speaking and swallowing problems is through a combination of speech therapy, changes in eating habits, and medication.

If you or a loved one are over the age of 65, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various types of speech and swallowing disorders:

  • Dysphagia – This disorder affects seniors’ ability to swallow and eat normally. It can make swallowing painful or feel like something is stuck in their throat.
  • Aphasia – Seniors with aphasia will have trouble speaking, writing, and comprehending language. This disorder can occur slowly over time or suddenly due to a head injury or stroke.
  • Apraxia of speech – This is a motor speech disorder that can affect senior’s ability to move their lips and tongue properly. They can experience difficulty speaking or making sounds, speaking more slowly, and saying the wrong words.
  • Dysarthria – This disorder affects the muscles that you use for speaking. Seniors with dysarthria can experience abnormal speech rhythms, trouble controlling the volume of their voice, and speak in rapid bursts that are hard to understand.

Speech therapy services are essential for seniors with a speaking or swallowing disorder. At Baptist Retirement Community, we provide effective speech therapy for seniors who struggle to speak and swallow properly. Our experienced speech therapists will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of the condition.

Senior Speech Therapy Benefits

There are many benefits to enrolling in a speech therapy program for seniors who have trouble speaking clearly or eating properly. It makes communicating with friends, family, and doctors easier and can prevent serious weight loss, malnutrition, and further muscle deterioration.

Here are some of the senior speech therapy benefits that you can experience during therapy:

  1. Strengthens vocal cords – The muscles in your throat weaken over time and become less elastic. Speech therapists use various exercises to tighten vocal cords and other muscles used for speaking. They can also help patients find new ways of communicating if they are unable to talk clearly or misuse words.
  1. Improves swallowing and eating – Speech therapists work with seniors to eliminate choking, regurgitation, and other eating problems that keep seniors from eating properly. Malnourishment can be a major concern for seniors who stop eating due to dysphagia and other issues with the throat muscles.
  1. Decrease dementia symptoms – Speech therapists will work with seniors daily to improve their ability to speak and eat. This work can slow the progression of dementia as well as help seniors who experience a stroke that affects their speech.

Speech therapy for seniors is a beneficial and necessary service for adults over 65 who need help improving their eating habits and ability to communicate. Today’s senior living community provides a wide range of therapy services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, along with a number of other beneficial services and amenities.

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How can a retirement community help? At Baptist Retirement Community, we provide seniors with a full array of therapy services, including speech, physical, and occupational therapy services. Our speech therapists work closely with each resident to improve speaking and swallowing and slow the progress of dementia and age-related decline.

If you would like to speak with our team about our speech therapy services and other programs, call 325.313.7931 today to schedule a tour or reach out online.