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Types of Senior Group Outings

a group of seniors enjoying one of the types of senior group outings that Buckner Baptist Retirement offers

A common complaint with seniors is the increasing difficulty in getting out of the house and visiting with friends, going to a baseball game, or simply taking a walk. The more difficult it becomes to get out, the more likely seniors will stop going out altogether and increase their risk of isolation and depression. There are many types of senior group outings that you can participate in to keep you physically and mentally healthy. Baptist Retirement Community offers group outings for seniors through an activities director who plans multiple events during the week.

At Baptist Retirement Community, our senior group outings in San Angelo, TX, give our residents a chance to socialize with others while enjoying many different types of activities and outings. Residents can participate in the activities they enjoy while discovering new interests and new friends. Call 325.313.7931 today to speak with our caring staff about our group activities for seniors in San Angelo, TX.

The Importance of Group Activities for Seniors

Leading an active life is important at any age, but even more so for seniors. As we get older, our bodies take longer to heal. Aches and pains become more frequent and can make the idea of getting out of the house or simply moving around feel less desirable. Unfortunately, the more inactive seniors become, the more their aches and pains will increase and ultimately decrease their quality of life.

Several types of senior group outings can help stave off the mental and physical decline common with aging. Just some of the benefits of participating in different types of senior group outings include:

  • Improved mental and physical health
  • More energy and desire to be active
  • Improved mobility
  • Prevention of many age-related health issues
  • Greater social engagement

At Baptist Retirement Community, our group activities for seniors in San Angelo, TX, helps seniors lead a full and active retirement. We understand the importance of helping residents to remain active and providing many different senior group outings that keep seniors connected with the community for full and enriching retirement. 

Senior Group Outings in San Angelo, TX

There are plenty of senior group outings in San Angelo, TX, that you can participate in through a senior living community. 

  • Parks & Recreation – Get out and enjoy nature with other seniors. Seniors can go for brisk walks or hikes, go bird watching or take up fishing. 
  • Book clubs – Seniors can get together at a local library or coffee shop to discuss a book the group is reading or talk about some of their favorite books. Reading is excellent for keeping your mind active, and social interaction is very beneficial in keeping loneliness at bay. 
  • Arts and crafts – Activities like painting and jewelry making improve your hand-eye coordination and offer a fun way to pass the time and learn a new skill. Plus, some seniors find they can make a little extra income by selling what they make at local fairs, churches, and community centers.
  • Trivia and game nights – Trivia competitions and game nights are fun social activities where seniors play cards and other stimulating games. 
  • Bible study – Bible study gives seniors a chance to meet with other seniors who want to learn more about God and their religious beliefs and provide for lively discussions.

Baptist Retirement Community: Group Activities For Seniors In San Angelo, TX

Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full life. At Baptist Retirement Community, we provide our residents with group activities for seniors in San Angelo, TX, for a better, more enriching retirement. The types of senior group outings and resident programs we offer are part of our Buckner Core Principles, which include:

  • Connection
  • Independence
  • Purpose
  • Security
  • Service

Call 325.313.7931 to speak with our staff and schedule a tour to visit our independent senior living community to learn more about the types of senior group outings we offer our residents.